Why seek?

We enjoy poems with vision, that are well crafted, and rich in texture. It’s good to pay attention to the musical energy of the words, as well as the images they evoke. All poems are read aloud so we can explore every line break, lilt, or flow. We love the abstract and the unusual, as well as more concrete, narrative forms. What matters is that the poems truly breathe – are an experience, exposing us to new worlds, ideas, or sentiments.

We are committed to publishing diverse voices of all kinds. No racism, bigotry, or nasty stuff tolerated. We have a particular interest in reading and publishing new voices, though absolutely everyone is welcome to submit.

Poems of any length, and in any style, should be sent to We do not wish to read long covering letters or biographical notes. Just the poems themselves, in an easy readable format, will do.

Next submission window:

March 1st – May 1st 2021

Please do not send us your poems outside of the submission window.


Helen Calcutt

Guest Editors are invited per issue.

I don’t go get a poem, it calls to me and I accept it.

Lucille Clifton